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Ironman GR906 195/60R15 88H A/S All Season Tire

Ironman GR906 195/60R15 88H A/S All Season Tire

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Ironman GR906


  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Fuel efficient performance
  • Longer lasting tread life
  • High driving comfort levels


The Ironman GR906 is a touring, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles and SUVs.

The tire enhances the all weather traction. The symmetric ribbed tread design with the high-density siping placement and the all season compound improves the grip on the road surface throughout the drive. This enables the tire to upgrade the number of biting edges gripping the road surface throughout the drive, while the compound keeps the rubber flexibility in different temperatures. The circumferential grooves disperse water and slush from below the footprint, which actively prevents hydroplaning during the drive.

The optimal surface contact of the ideal tread design enhances the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The ribbed tread design upgrades the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting the tire. The high-density siping placement enables a shortened braking distance. The siping placement creates friction between the tire and the road surface, which boosts the braking power and decreases the braking distance throughout the drive. This guarantees a safer driving experience as it maintains the drivers control over the vehicle.

The all season traction manages to lower the vehicles fuel intake levels. The stronger all weather traction eases the pressure off the tire, which greatly lessens the rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is the pressure which determines the vehicles needed fuel usage in order to keep the tires in motion. The reduced rolling resistance greatly minimizes the vehicles fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. In this manner, the tire guarantees a fuel conscious and environmentally friendly performing ability.

The durable compound and the ideal tread design enhance the tread life. The stronger all season compound keeps the ideal rubber flexibility. This lowers the tread wear rate along the tread area, further increasing the usability. The symmetric ribbed tread design evenly distributes the driving pressure along the tread area. The equally spread out forces of acceleration, cornering and braking avoids irregular wear formations, improving the tread life. This combination greatly lengthens the usability and the service life.

The GR906 promotes a quiet drive. The ideal tread design stabilized the individual tread elements to avoid tread flexing. The tread allows the tread elements to channel airwaves through the footprint, without allowing them from coming into contact with the tread elements. In this manner, the road and tread pattern noise are not generated, ensuring a quiet and comfortable driving experience, ensuring the passengers driving enjoyment.

  • Size: 195 60R15
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Touring
  • Car Type: Passenger
  • Load Range: SL
  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Tire Rim Not Included


Features: Size: 195 60R15
Tire Size: 195/60R15
Vehicle Type: Passenger
Tire Width: 195
Tire Speed Rating: H
Tire Season: All-Season
Tread Depth: 9.8
Brand: Ironman
Assembled Product Weight: 19 lb
Model: 92591
Manufacturer Part Number: 92591
Manufacturer: Ironman


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